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2019 Marketing Trends: August Update

Ch-ch-ch-changes. Okay, Bowie probably wasn’t singing about the constantly evolving digital marketing landscape — but the sentiment still applies. And this last month has given us a lot to keep up with.

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2019 Marketing Trends: May Update

Digital marketing is an ever-changing, multifaceted industry with several key dimensions to keep up with: SEO, PPC, Content, Social Media, Video, Email. We’ve found that strategies built holistically perform best, and strategists must keep in mind how intimately interconnected each part of your online presence is to the whole, while remaining flexible enough to make

Digital Marketing Industry Update
2019 Industry Update: April

To paraphrase that brand new song from Big Sean, “Facebook took an L, but it looks to bounce back.”

Digital Marketing Industry Update
2019 Marketing Trends: March Update

Social media is no longer “new,” and savvy businesses already understand that not only do they need a social presence, they also need a well-developed strategy

Digital Marketing Industry Update
Facebook Search Ads are Back… Tell a Friend

Facebook is using a beta test period to see if search ads can be successful on the social platform.

Digital Marketing Industry Update
2019 Marketing Trends: February Update

This month’s update brings you a look at how the search marketing space is increasingly being driven by technology and what the new buzzword “volatility” means for your website.

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2019 Marketing Trends: January Update

3 Things Could Impact Your Business A new year brings new trends. And new opportunities. At FUEL, we like to stay on top of the ever-evolving marketing world—particularly the innovations and shifts in technology, platforms, and social channels. After all, what worked last year may not this year. That’s why we’ve started this monthly marketing

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Why Content Marketing Matters for Your Brand

Content marketing is essential for brands to remain relevant in a customer-centric market that requires brands to form meaningful connections with their audiences.

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How Paid Search and Organic Search Both Shape Your Marketing Strategy

An effective digital agency will integrate both paid search and organic search strategies to create a comprehensive digital marketing program.

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Want More Leads? Create Landing Pages.

One of the questions we get most often from new clients is: “How do we get more online leads?” In most cases, the particular company’s sales have dropped off or plateaued and they are left scratching their head, not knowing what to do. What we find, more often than not, is that these companies are