Brands vs. Coronavirus

The bright side of a pandemic: it can bring out the best in us.

Roxy Bartz promoted to Senior Graphic Designer

Roxy Bartz has been promoted to Senior Graphic Designer, acknowledging her excellence in creativity and strategic approach to design projects. “We are proud of the level of design Roxy delivers and her contributions to our creative team,” says Mary Church Cornette, Creative Director at FUEL. “Her creativity and mindset make her a valuable contributor to

The Agency: Dead or More Important Than Ever?

Because modern marketing, driven by ever-evolving technological, digital, and mobile advances, is too specialized and time-consuming for one or two people to manage it effectively. It takes a team—an ongoing marketing partner who can help you navigate and integrate the complexities of ever-evolving modern-day marketing.

Fellow Countrymen selected as Q1 recipient of FUEL for Good Grant

FUEL has awarded Fellow Countrymen the first quarter FUEL for Good grant. The $10,000 marketing grant was established in 2019 in order to help local non-profits achieve their goals and fulfill their vision to positively impact the community. “Our team is thrilled to have Fellow Countyrmen as our Q1 recipient,” says Warren Griffith, President and

Leslie Pace - FUEL Traffic Manager
FUEL adds Leslie Pace as Traffic Manager

News Release Leslie Pace has joined FUEL as Traffic Manager and is responsible for handling the project flow and logistics for the agency. “We are excited to have Leslie as part of our FUEL family. Her energy is contagious and we look forward to her spearheading the efforts surrounding our project efficiency and adding to

First, Landing Pages. Then, Leads.

“How do I get more online leads?”  We hear it all the time, and thankfully, we have answers. When this question pops up, in most cases our clients are watching their sales plateau and not entirely sure why. After a little digging, we realize a couple of things. They are sending out regular emails. They

The Importance of Branding in the Digital Age

In summary, your brand has to connect deeply with your prospects and customers. It must resonate with their actual needs. This is absolutely critical to success.

Why Paid Search Pays Off

Paid search is a key component of any truly integrated digital marketing program. It is fundamental to driving new leads and engaging future customers.

Pitfalls of a DIY Website

Do-it-yourself website services can be a tempting option for getting a website for your business launched quickly.

What All Businesses Need To Understand Before Hiring A Digital Agency

The key to success in the digital era is reaching prospects—your potential customers—where they live, on the sites and platforms they inhabit.

Why Businesses Need to Put More Focus on Video

There was a time when brands deemed video optional. Today, that mindset has been turned on its proverbial head. Video is now a key component of marketing for both B2B and B2C companies.

Your Brand Doesn’t Deserve Bad Photography

First impressions are very powerful. One of the keys, of course, to promoting your brand optimally is good photography.

10 Signs You Need A New Website

That site you have now, the one that’s “just fine” may actually be missing the mark.

When Sales + Marketing Teams Are In Sync, Magic Happens

You can have a crackerjack sales team. You can have the most talented marketers in the world. But it does you no good if both sides are out of step, or strategically misaligned.