2019 Marketing Trends: August Update

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August Digital Marketing Trends

Ch-ch-ch-changes. Okay, Bowie probably wasn’t singing about the constantly evolving digital marketing landscape — but the sentiment still applies. And this last month has given us a lot to keep up with.

Several platforms are switching up their algorithm, yet again: Google takes the crown for the most algorithm updates, averaging 8.77 changes per day, while LinkedIn is changing its algorithm to help prioritize conversations. PPC platforms are rolling out new features and tools that could boost your ad performance — but you may have to go on a treasure hunt to find them. Even popular social media platforms are making a few tweaks to their business offerings: Facebook Pages now allows you to target your top supporters while Pinterest makes videos easier than ever for brands to use. And if you’re looking to make some of your own adjustments, check out the 110 Best Landing Pages for inspiration to optimize your website.

And that’s just the beginning — as always, industry changes mean new opportunities to turn and face the new for a stronger digital marketing strategy.

SEOChange. Change. And More Change

Google should be named the King (or Queen) of Change. In the past year alone, Google has made over 3,200 changes to its search system to keep search results relevant, helpful, and applicable. And as the search engine constantly updates, so should your SEO strategy. Your website and SEO efforts must continue to evolve to gain and maintain your organic search rankings in Google.

PPCHide and Seek with PPC

New features and trends are always popping up when it comes to PPC. But they aren’t always easy to find. Did you know you have access to a panel in Google Ads that allows you to add notes to your account? Or, that you can add up to five images as an extension in your text ad for Bing? As a marketer, it’s vital to stay up-to-date on these features — even if they are difficult to track down. But we’ve got your back: Here are seven hidden gems to know about for your PPC campaign.

Content Marketing Be yourself.

LinkedIn has announced changes to its algorithm to prioritize better conversations in users’ feeds — and they took the opportunity to advise users on best practices for its platform. “Despite the rumours (sic), the algorithm doesn’t favour any particular format,” the company noted. “Use no more than three hashtags and mention no more than five other users in a post if you don’t want to be seen as a spammer. Yet the key is: Be yourself.”

Social Media MarketingSocial Media in the Hospitality Industry

Covering an industry that doesn’t stand still, Hotel News Resource gives the low-down on social media marketing trends for the hospitality industry: “According to Social Media Today, Facebook is rolling out a new feature that allows Pages to target their ‘top fans’ with organic posts, showing the content only to them. This could be used to thank them, share exclusive content, or even try to increase the likelihood that big Page supporters see specific updates.”

Conversion OptimizationLanding Page Inspiration for Optimization

Instapage recently updated their list of The 110 Best Landing Page Examples You Can’t Afford To Miss In 2019. Each example includes an analysis on what the landing page did well and also what could be tested and improved. It’s a great resource for anyone who is looking to learn more about building effective landing pages.

Video Marketing Pinterest Video Evolution

Pinterest’s video offerings for brands are maturing with the addition of a more user-friendly video uploader, a separate tab within business profiles for video content, and lifetime view analytics so brands can understand how videos perform over time.

Did you know?

Users spend an average of 69% of their media time on smartphones. Is your advertising budget being spent where your customers are consuming media?

Whether it’s keeping up with Google algorithm changes or following the latest social media trends, the digital marketing world keeps us on our toes. And with this information comes plenty of opportunity to make your marketing efforts more effective: Explore your PPC platform to find out which hidden gems (aka useful features) could increase your marketing efficiency. Gather inspiration from some of the world’s best landing pages and apply those ideas to your website. Use the latest announcements from LinkedIn, Facebook Pages, and Pinterest as guides for incorporating best practices in your social media marketing strategy — like post tag limits, targeted messaging, and video content. 
Staying on top of industry trends is a good first step. But applying those updates to your digital marketing efforts could take your results to the next level. Not sure where to start? Give us a call — our marketing experts can help you out.

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