2019 Marketing Trends: June Update

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As 2019 warms up, digital marketing tools and trends evolve.  Google announces new features and products along with updated guidelines to improve its search and page quality evaluation. Be advised: marketers everywhere would be wise to consider Gen Z–a generation with the purchasing power of $143 billion–in their content strategy. Motion graphics are making more sense than ever on social, giving marketers the best chance to connect with audiences by taking advantage of how information is transmitted to our brains. Keeping it cerebral – considering neural adaptation in landing page design increases conversions by 160%. Video advertising is about to get easier with the new tool that YouTube is experimenting with that will use machine learning to automatically create six second bumper ads from a longer video.

SEO – Expertise. Authoritativeness. Trustworthiness

For the first time in nearly a year, Google updated its Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines. The new guidelines add more details regarding “E-A-T” (also known as Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) within page quality. What does this mean for us? These guidelines are what “human quality raters use to evaluate websites and SERPs.” The raters’ judgements are used to improve Google’s search algorithm. The guidelines document has grown to 166 total pages.

PPC – Google is rolling out new features…again

Google announced nine big changes at its annual Google Market Live event in May. The core message of the event was simple – be responsible, be there, and be useful. From discovery ads with a swipeable image carousel to the merging of custom affinity and custom intent audiences, Google brought the heat and innovation with these new features and products. You can read more about the nine massive changes here.

Content Marketing – Kids these days.

Generation Z, people born between 1995 and 2015, has taken over the Internet. This generation has a purchasing power of around $143 billion. Currently, 22% of the US population is part of Gen Z, one of the largest consumer groups. If you aren’t already creating content with Gen Z in mind, then your content marketing strategy has a serious blind spot, and you need to rework it to include this audience.

Social Media Marketing – Move more product with Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are a proven way of capturing attention on social media. On social platforms, where folks are watching video on mute and reading captions, animation gives marketers an edge. With 65% of people being visual learners, and 90% of the information transmitted to our brains being visual, motion graphics are a sure-fire way of connecting with your audience.

Conversion Optimization – Increase Conversions with Neural Ad-aptation

Applying the psychological principle of neural adaptation to your landing page design can help you increase conversion rates. HubSpot has some great tips on how you can make key conversion elements on your page stand out from the rest of your content, with examples of how these tips have helped increase conversion rates by anywhere from 32% to 160%!

Video Marketing – YouTube’s Making a Video Editing Bot

YouTube is experimenting with a new feature that will use machine learning to automatically create six second bumper ads from a longer video. Called “Bumper Machine,” the tool will look for key elements, like voiceovers or a tight focus on human beings and logos, ending with a final call to action in the last two to three seconds of the ad. Human review will be a core part of the feature, with a person reviewing four different options to determine which is best. Advertisers will also be able to do some light editing before the bumpers are published.


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